For study participants.

As a participant in a research study working with Crescendo Health, we securely store your health records, and help you contribute them to advance medical research.  In addition, we also support certain patients in receiving clinical care and safety consultations to support their treatment.

How it works.

Crescendo is your personal health application. We make it easy to collect your health history in one place and to share it as part of research to help discover new treatments.

You enroll in a clinical study that works with Crescendo.

You complete a short, online sign up process for Crescendo. You provide information to help request your health records and agree to share relevant information with the study you’re participating in. 

Secure Data Management: Crescendo holds information in secure, cloud-based databases.

Crescendo helps you collect your health information.

Crescendo makes it easy to collect your health history in one place. We work with those who hold your health records to collect information on your behalf.

Trained Staff: Crescendo Health has signed the CARIN trust framework and code of conduct. All Crescendo personnel receive HIPAA information security and privacy (ISP) training.

Crescendo provides a secure portal to access your information 

Through the Crescendo personal health application, you have access to all your health records. Crescendo safeguards your information using industry standard data encryption.

Technical safeguards: Crescendo Health conducts regular privacy impact assessments and security compliance audits; Sensitive data is encrypted in keeping with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards, including through the use of AES 256-bit key encryption.

Crescendo shares relevant information to support your research study.

With your consent, Crescendo provides information from your personal health record to your research study after your personal identifiers have been removed.

No 3rd Party Use: Crescendo Health does not sell, license, or share your data with third parties (other than parties authorized for the research you consented to).

At the end of the study, you choose how to use your information.

You have the option to maintain access to your personal health record or to request your personal data be deleted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in working with Crescendo to collect your health records?

If you're not already participating in a clinical study but would like to work with Crescendo to collect your information: let us know about your interest, and we'll be in touch when an opportunity arises.